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2023-04-27 11:41:32

By: Rafael Alberto Aristizabal

The Definition Room of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) rejected for the moment and ordered one last time the former mayor of Yopal and former representative to the Chamber for Casanare, Efrén Hernández Díazadjust his contribution plan to the truth in the face of the crimes he offered to speak before the magistracy.

The foregoing, after the former congressman reiterated his innocence despite the fact that he was already convicted in ordinary justice for his ties to the Self-Defense Forces of Martín Llanos with whom he was able to reach the House of Representatives in 2022. Likewise, He offered to “turn on the fan” about different circumstances that he says he knew about the links between paramilitaries and politicians and officials of the Public Force in Casanare.

What Efrén Hernández offered to tell

Among the issues that Hernández Díaz offered to address in depth in the jurisdiction, there is, for example, his intention to talk about the so-called “Pacto de Cañito” in the municipality of Tauramena (Casanare) between “paramilitaries” and politicians; there he pointed out that all of the department’s gubernatorial candidates attended.

“Namely, Luz Marina González, Oscar Leonidas Wilchez Carreño, William Pérez Espinel, Javier Vargas Barragán and Jacobo Rivera Gómez, as well as the commander alias “Martín Llanos” and an AUC delegate. In this regard, he stated that would refer to the pacts and strategies agreed upon for the election of governor of Casanare and for the Chamber and Senate of the Republic in the same territory, during 2002 – 2006 and the candidates of that paramilitary alliance to win seats in parliament,” quotes the JEP.

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He also offered to speak about an Army colonel, Colonel Juan Carlos Castañeda (commander of the Ramón Nonato Pérez Battalion at the time and already convicted) regarding his ties to paramilitaries, particularly alias “Careloco”. Also of the links of former DAS director Orlando Rivas Tovar with the AUC, as well as the Police and private companies.

“…Mr. William Mayorga Suárez, who was an active member of the National Police, and some private companies in the region, including the Casanare National Territorial Development Cooperative (CONADEC LTDA), the Specialized Corporation for Integral and Agricultural Development of Casanare and Colombia (CEACOL), CORINPAC and the Association of Workers and Unemployed of Monterrey (ATDM)”, offered Hernández.

Finally, another of the issues that he offered to delve into was how former governors William Pérez, Miguel Ángel Pérez and other leaders (among them Jacobo Rivera Gómez and the former mayor of Aguazul Leonel Torres) They supported the Self-Defense Forces of Martín Llanos.

“Also, that it would refer to the” submission “of the departmental assembly, some municipal councils and mayors to the particular purposes of the ACC,” promised Hernández.

What Efrén Hernández must adjust

Despite the initial offers made by the former mayor of Yopal, the magistracy found that, in light of the aforementioned points, should deepen in writing about such “dynamics” and not stay only in the mere enunciation.

So then, faced with his private sentence, he will have to go in depth on the issues that prove his absence of responsibility and his guilt of ties with paramilitaries, what he knew about the “Cañito Pact”, the pacts of the Self-defense groups to take over the Casanare assembly and departmental seats in the House, as well as in the Senate.

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“Specifically indicate how William Pérez Espinel, Miguel Ángel Prez Suarez, Luz Marina González, Oscar Leonidas Wilchez Carreño, William Pérez Espinel, Javier Vargas Barragán, Jacobo Rivera Gómez, Leonel Torres, supported the ACC and if you know of any complaints presented by some of these leaders against the ACC before the competent authorities,” the JEP requested.

Finally, he will also have to delve into his accusations against several companies of having had ties to paramilitaries and provide documents on what he described as: “the structure of the Casanare Peasant Self-Defense Forces and the serious crimes committed by them in which public servants and third parties are apparently involved.”

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