Insights into Lebanese-UAE Relations: Emirati Blacklist and Political Developments

2023-09-02 14:52:02

Journalist and political writer Johnny Mounir indicated that he had “heard that there is a close Emirati blacklist, which stipulates that new segments of Lebanon will be prevented from entering the Emirates.”

He added, in an interview with “otv”, “Berri may have fired the coup de grace at Le Drian’s initiative, and he is aware in advance that his call for dialogue will not be met, and Saudi Arabia is against dialogue in the form presented in it.”

He continued, “A Qatari delegate will arrive in Beirut within weeks, and on September 23 there will be a French-American Vatican meeting in the Vatican.”

He pointed out that “the Frenchman has become closer to Joe Joseph Aoun, as are all the members of the quintet.”

And he stressed that “there are two indications in Hochstein’s visit, the first is the 20-minute retreat with President Berri, and the second is the photo with the army commander at the dinner banquet, especially since the issued statement includes the word high efficiency.”

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