Jessi Uribe Controversy: Day of Candles Celebration Sparks Social Media Uproar

2023-12-07 01:23:08

The Bumangué singer Jessi Uribe had one of the most fruitful years of his career in 2023, fulfilling his dream of performing at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá. But this closing of 2023 brought him a new controversy on social networks, after he decided to bring forward the celebration of ‘Day of Candles’, with his family and children; Some Internet users even dared to assume that this decision is linked to his wife Paola Jara.

What was a clip full of joy and happiness became a series of criticisms and comments against Uribe, who shared on his Instagram account, where he has 6.4 million followers, a clip in which he looks totally happy, celebrating this Christmas tradition with his children, who are the product of his relationship with Sandra Barrios.

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Although the positive comments and good vibes stood out in this publication, the same did not happen in the version of the video clip, posted on the TikTok from the Tropicana station, where the artist’s detractors came to insinuate that he is a bad father, a fact that the ‘Dulce Pecado’ singer has gone out to clarify on vacation.

“What a beautiful family, and I say it for Mrs. Sandra, because she is reflecting everything she does for her children”, “She is not able to be with her children on these dates”, “The double triple is so beautiful, celebrating before for that day to be with Paola Jara”, “He brought forward the day of candles to be with the girl”, “The girl comes first than the children”, “Paola Jara’s fault”, “The wife is more important than the children”, and ” “It is an obligation, not a detail,” were some of the reactions.

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It should be noted that these dates are the busiest for popular music artists, since they are hired to entertain different Fairs and Festivals nationwide; In addition, since months ago, they have already agreed on several of their shows for the Christmas season.

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