Justice for Drom’s: Uniting for Accountability and Advocacy in Rue Perreau

2023-08-27 14:14:00

Equipped with a Justice for Drom’s banner and dressed in white t-shirts with a photo of the deceased thirty-something, they responded to a call from the family of Domenico D’Atria.

The white march started at the castle of Oupeye. The participants then went to rue Perreau, where the 30-year-old died.

There, a minute of silence was held and white flowers were laid to honor him. The participants then chanted “Justice for Drom’s”, before applause rang out. The crowd then dispersed.

This white march took place calmly as the family of the deceased and the authorities wished.

“In full consultation with our police forces and on their advice, in the tense circumstances of the moment, I did not wish to authorize this event but I made direct contact with the family in order to put things in line with them. as much as possible in the interest of all, participants or not…”, commented the mayor, Serge Fillot, on his Facebook page. “My responsibility as mayor is to guarantee the safety of property and people, of my citizens and their families.”

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