Jim Carrey Sick of Watching Will Smith’s Drama Slapping Chris Rock

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Comedian Jim Carrey admits he’s sick of watching drama Will Smith slap Chris Rock, especially when the actor is still being awarded the 2022 Oscar and earning a standing ovation from the audience.

This was revealed by the comedian when he was a guest star on the CBS Morning program on Tuesday (29/3) United States time.

“I’m sick of it,” Carrey said, quoted from AND which was released Tuesday (29/3) US time. “I’m fed up with standing ovation that. Hollywood is massively powerless and it feels like a very clear sign that we’re not a cool club anymore.”

Carrey said Smith should have been accompanied to leave the Dolby Theater as soon as the slapping incident occurred. Carrey also believes that Chris Rock did not report to the police because he did not want to be bothered.

“[Kalau jadi Chris Rock] I announced this morning I’m suing Will for $200 million because that video is going to be around forever, it’s going to be everywhere,” Carrey said.

“That’s an insult that will last a very long time. If you want to scream from the audience and show disapproval or say something on Twitter [itu tidak masalah],” he continued.

“But you have no right to go on stage and hit people in the face because they said something,” said Jim Carrey.

Carrey says he doesn’t have any issues with Will Smith, and thinks the actor has done an excellent job. But the action that Will Smith did on the Oscar stage he judged was not the right moment.

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