Jorge Enrique Vélez Sparks Outrage with Plan to Appoint Hernán Darío Herrera as Once Caldas Coach

2023-10-22 23:58:56

Jorge Enrique Vélez, a white manager, would be promoting an incredible replacement for Pedro Sarmiento.

Once Caldas will close a very bad 2023, in which the only good news is that it will not be relegated, more due to the inability of rival teams – such as Unión Magdalena or Atlético Huila – than due to its performance.

The fans and the press in Manizales are upset with the leadership and the coaching staff, in addition to criticizing the level of the players. That is why Pedro Sarmiento has been asked in the last few days of Liga BetPlay II whether he will leave his position at the end of the season.

And although Sarmiento’s response is always to deny that he is thinking about leaving, some media in the Caldense capital assure that the decision has been made: Pedro Sarmiento will leave and will not continue for next season.

However, there is a rumor that has Eleven fans outraged, as the name of the first candidate to replace the current coach was mentioned, and they cannot believe that they are planning to propose this coach.

According to ‘Las Voces del Fútbol’, a radio program recognized for being one of the biggest critics of the management in Once Caldas, assured that the manager Jorge Enrique Vélez -former president of Dimayor- was in charge of putting the coach’s name on the table for the next campaign: Hernán Darío Herrera.

It would be incredible for ‘Arriero’ to be Sarmiento’s replacement, since he is his current technical assistant and is part of the white team’s sporting failure.

Thus, fans are alert to the decisions that the Once Caldas leadership may make, since on social networks there are already complaints and surprises at the thought that ‘Arriero’ Herrera is the next coach of the white team.

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