Jorge Sampaoli: Controversial Past and Potential Return to the Chilean Soccer Team

2023-11-26 09:25:30

After the abrupt departure of Eduardo Berizzo from the bench of the Chilean soccer team, many names have circulated the media and social networks to take the lead. One of the most mentioned -and of course- has been Jorge Sampaoli.

The Argentine coach, architect of the first ‘Team of All’ title in its history (the 2015 Copa América), has been invoked by several as he is currently without a club. One of them was the legendary Pedro Carcuro, who even spoke of recovering an old “love.”

“Yes, they tell me that there is a lawsuit against the ANFP, but lawsuits are settled by negotiating and you know that both in In football, like in politics, there are no eternal loves or hates and this is the time to recover a love“said the distinguished rapporteur.

However, although Sampaoli has sufficient sporting merits to lead a new process in Juan Pinto Durán, the truth is that Its controversial departure in 2015 makes a second part practically unfeasible.

There are the judicial troubles, where the DT has won several lawsuits against the ANFPbut also everything he caused at that time, with conferences in which he even claimed to feel “a hostage” in Chile, because the leadership was demanding that he respect his current contract.

And there is another point that may be more conflictive: a secret meeting with a group of journalists that he himself chose, at the end of 2015, in which he was responsible for spreading negative comments from his own followers. A kind of ‘betrayal’, as some footballers (like Jorge Valdivia) have said over the years. And an action like this is difficult to reverse.

Vidal, Vargas and Pinilla, the main ones targeted by the DT

The aforementioned conclave, which is approaching its 8th anniversary, was held in the house of Milton Millasa history of communications in Chile.

Journalists like Carcuro himself, Juan Carlos Villalta, Romai Ugarte and Sergio Gilabert were there. At the time, little and nothing was known about this private meeting. Recorders were not allowed.

Of course, in 2017, with Sampaoli already out of La Roja, the pot would be ‘uncovered’: Chile was left out of the 2018 World Cup in Russia and In the media, several statements by the coach emerged in the event, where, in a kind of prophecy, he criticized the players and spoke about the Chilean representative team going downhill. and that, with luck, it would be enough to reach a playoff.

“There are players who no longer set the tone. Every time I see Edú (Vargas) arrive in Chile, he is worse than before. Mati (Fernández) is no longer able to play at the level that I want the National Team to play. Mauricio (Pinilla) only thinks about the holidays when I don’t nominate him. None of them are ready to face a tie like the one we have ahead of us,” was part of the coach’s analysis.

But Sampaoli did not only refer to what was happening on the field. The Casildense also showed his anger at some bad practices by stars of the national team, declassifying that the dressing room had become “ungovernable.” The main one questioned? Arturo vidal.

“Vidal’s thing is for a medical specialist. He likes to drink and does not control himself. When we were on the plane back from Lima, he asked me if he could open a beer he had bought. I told him no, that leaders and other people were coming. Maybe with the help of our bus driver, he and others got a bottle of whiskey. I had to fire the driver even though the culprit was Vidal,” he revealed.

Furthermore, Sampaoli regretted that Alexis “sometimes wakes up with his headphones on and sits alone having breakfast, without talking to anyone,” and minimized Claudio Bravo’s leadership: “They make him show his face but it is others, those of the Pitillo Band (Gonzalo Jara, Arturo Vidal, Jean Beausejour, Jorge Valdivia, Mauricio Pinilla, among others), who lead the team.”

“Let’s not be stupid, he used us”

Sampaoli’s strong statements impacted and surprised the communicators present. More because of the crudeness with which the DT carried out his story.

But, despite these ‘bombs’, nothing was known about this meeting until two years later. And not precisely because the strategist has asked to remain silent.

It was the homeowner himself, Milton Millas, who explained why the issue was not discussed at the time and admitted that he played a key role in keeping the coach’s phrases ‘under lock and key’.

“He didn’t tell us not to talk, but from that interview I am left with a feeling: “Sampaoli wanted us to publish all that to help him leave Chile, so that his contract could be cut,” the journalist expressed to La Segunda.

“I told the kids ‘Let’s not be stupid. Sampaoli used us, let’s lower the decibels’“, he added.

In relation to the same, Millas emphasized that “He wanted to leave and told us ‘I can’t manage this team, it’s an ungovernable club’”.

It must be noted that the words issued by the DT in 2015 were fulfilled… and with reality it was even worse. La Roja could not even get the consolation prize of the play-offs and had to settle for following the global tournament on Russian soil on TV.

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