Jose de Jesus Corona: A Legendary Goalkeeper’s Journey with Cruz Azul and Future Endeavors with Tijuana Xolos

2023-10-14 02:24:20

One of the idols of Blue Cross In recent seasons it was Jose de Jesus Corona. The goalkeeper spent 14 years with the cement institution, and although his departure for the Opening 2023 It was not worthy of a club figure, for him the relationship with the cement institution is not broken.

In an interview with Azteca Deportes, the 42-year-old goalkeeper shared that his esteem for Cruz Azul remains, because it is not easy to put aside everything he experienced with the Noria team, both the bad things and the good, including the coveted title obtained in Guardians 2021.

“I clicked with all the fans that Cruz Azul has, and I will always have respect and affection for all of them. Obviously I would have liked to have a change of scenery and have finished my cycle in a different way, but they were decisions that were made. Everyone knows how acted,” said ‘Chuy’ Corona, who also acknowledged that he is not closing the doors to returning one day as a manager or even a coach.

“I was always loyal to the institution, to all the people. On that side I left very calm. I don’t close the doors either, I know that if there is an opportunity in the future we will always be there for the institution,” and he specified that he is committed and focused on Tijuana Xoloshis current team, but who remains ready for anything.

“Nobody has anything written down. I already have my title as a coach, I would like to gain experience. Furthermore, I have not decided whether it will be on the side of technical director or long pants. For now, I enjoy remaining active; I could see a return, no “We know it. Only time will tell,” concluded Corona, who in Apertura 2023 was a starter in the first three days and is now a substitute for Antonio Rodriguez.



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