Juan Esteban Sampedro: Vice President of Caracol Channel and his Role in ‘My Name Is’ | Family, Career, and Surprising Season Details

2023-07-23 23:06:05

Juan Esteban Sampedro is the vice president of entertainment for the Caracol channel who is in charge of the various productions that go on the air and also those strategies with which they hope to charm viewers. In addition, he is the partner of Catalina Gómez with whom he has been in a relationship for more than 13 years and has two children, Emilia and Cristóbal.

A few days ago the official announcement of the new season of ‘My name is’ was made, where the judges Amparo Grisales, César Escola and Pipe Bueno revealed details of what viewers will be able to enjoy in a few days. Such an event, of course, had the participation of Sampedro.

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Although Juan Esteban has been one of the main executors of several Caracol reality shows, this occasion was no exception, as he was responding to various interviews, in which he stood out the most was the one carried out by the morning program ‘Día a Día’. In the midst of this, the journalist indicated that nerves would always be present despite the years of experience he currently has.

Given the fact, Sampedro reiterated in a very calm way: “Fortunately we are facing a ‘son’ who is ‘My name’ who is already nine years old and can defend himself a little more.” He also indicated that this program continues to surprise him and the rest of the Caracol team, because during its various seasons they have managed to realize the talent, spontaneity and charisma that Colombians have.

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“I think people are going to have a lot of fun this season,” said Juan Esteban. In addition, he revealed that the new place in which this new version, a baroque theater of ‘My name will be’, will take place was quite a challenge. The vice president of entertainment stressed that this type of production turns out to be a way to soften those adversities that have to go through on a daily basis.

Finally, Sampedro assured that this new season will have various surprises that will hook viewers in unthinkable ways. It should be noted that the new season of the singing reality will premiere this Wednesday, July 26 after Noticias Caracol.

Who is the ex-wife of Juan Esteban Sampedro?

This is María Paula Vernaza, a journalist who was part of national channels for several years where activities were carried out both on and off set. However, she has not been seen being part of the media for several years. The truth is that the work they carried out together at that time caused love to be born between them and therefore, their son Lucas was born.

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