Julián Arango: The Versatile Actor Who Captivates Millions with Unforgettable Performances

2023-10-28 19:54:27

Julián Arango is one of the most versatile actors in the country. There is no character that he plays so naturally and, above all, that remains engraved in the memory of millions of people who have followed his artistic career, as when he played the fashion designer Hugo Lombardi, in “Yo soy Betty, la fea”, or put in the boots of the hitman ‘Guadaña’, in “El Cartel de los Sapos”.

Each of his roles, both in theater, film and series, has been a resounding success, as is the case in his new role in the series of the cyclist Rigoberto Urán (Rigo), to the point that his followers ask to declare it “national heritage.” for his impeccable performance.

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On this occasion, Arango plays Evaristo Rendón, a fictional character who brings together those who were an obstacle and harmed the athlete before positioning himself among the greats of international cycling.

Since his recent premiere on RCN, Julián has surprised viewers by playing an envious man who does not let others prosper, but at the same time contributes his humorous dose, without that preventing him from hating him in the plot. “(Evaristo) has money, he believes that this will solve his life and ‘Rigo’ gives him a very big lesson in self-love, which ends very badly for him. He gives him soup and dry food,” the artist mentioned in an interview for a local media.

After the broadcast of each episode of Rigo, users on networks do not stop praising Julián’s talent. “So good an actor that one comes to hate the character”; “Daddy, don’t be bothered, you great actor”; “What an actor, and not to mention the novel, I can’t stop laughing, spectacular”; “My brother, you are national heritage,” were part of the reactions of Internet users.

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