Tour Colombia: Rigo Urán’s biographer writes about Nairo Quintana’s life | Cycling | Sports

Nairo Quintana, during Wednesday’s stage.Maximiliano Blanco (Getty Images) The Tour Colombia returned after four years of absence and life seems different. Climate change will force, with fires accelerating it, to change textbooks, history and clothing. It seems like thermal floors were an invention, so linguistically beautiful, and Humboldt, the German scientist who described Andean nature, … Read more

The Bionovela Kiss: Memes and Reactions That Made Thousands of Colombians Vibrate

2023-12-06 20:23:28 The bionovela by cyclist Rigoberto Urán became one of RCN Television’s most successful productions in 2023; production in which a part of its plot has stolen most of the attention, the love between Rigo and Michelle Durango, characters that made hundreds of thousands of Colombians vibrate who saw their first kiss on the … Read more

Rigo’s Novel Controversy: The RCN Channel, ‘Yo Me Llamo,’ and the Drama Unfolded – Get the Inside Scoop!

2023-11-28 17:09:40 The RCN channel found in Rigo’s novel how to compete with Caracol’s ‘Yo Me Llamo’ and has many Colombians aware of what happened to Urán, when he had not yet become a professional cyclist. However, there was a particular scene in the story that Michelle did not like very much (both in the … Read more

Ana María Estupiñán: The Rising Star in Rigo and Her Commitment to Authenticity in Portraying Michelle Durango

2023-11-25 04:41:27 Ana María Estupiñán continues to achieve more success in her professional career. The young actress has become more famous with her leading role alongside Juan Pablo Urrego, playing Michelle, the wife of cyclist Rigoberto Urán, in the series Rigo, broadcast every night, Monday to Friday on RCN. In a recent interview, the artist … Read more

Belgium’s Low Emission Zones: Retrofitting and Access Rules Explained

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Behind the Scenes of ‘Rigo’: Discover the Real Lives That Inspired the Characters

2023-11-24 00:59:42 The ‘Rigo’ novel has captivated thousands of Colombians who wait every night to see what happens with the cyclist’s story. This has made several viewers begin to investigate the lives of the people who inspired the characters. One of the characters that has drawn the most attention is that of the cyclist’s mother-in-law, … Read more

Rigo TV Series: A Compelling & Realistic Portrayal of Rigoberto Urán’s Life

2023-11-14 02:57:52 The series Rigo, inspired by the life of the famous cyclist Rigoberto Urán, is one of the most watched on television since its premiere more than a month ago. Starring Juan Pablo Urrego, Ana María Estupiñán and a first-class cast, the story broadcast by RCN has been widely accepted by the public, however, … Read more

5 Key Points to Recover from Exercise Fatigue: Expert Tips and Techniques for Effective Recovery

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