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Vice President Karin Herrera traveled to New York this Saturday, United States to participate in the sixty-eighth session of the United Nations Legal and Social Commission on Women, which will take place from March 10 to 14. The only companion the vice president will have will be an advisor.

On agenda items Several meetings are planned with senior United Nations officials including the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres; in addition to meetings with vice presidents and ministers of State from the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Panama and Ecuador.

Herrera will have 4 participations during the commissionthe first 3 will be on Tuesday, March 12, starting at the Ministerial Round Table on Mobilizing financing for gender equality, where strategies will be proposed to end poverty for women and girls.

That same day he will also speak at an event convened by the UN Secretary called “Closing the gender gap in education: How to address long-term obstacles and new challenges in a world of complex crises?”, and finally will participate in the panel “Financing for gender equality, reducing inequalities and strengthening democracies.”

Wednesday March 13 The vice president will be on the last panel on Intersectoral Alliances to promote gender equality and women’s rights, organized by the Inter-American Commission of Women and the Government of Canada.

Invitation postponed

After President Bernardo Arévalo took office, Joe Biden’s US government extended an invitation to Guatemala for the new president to hold a meeting in Washington with senior American officials. Until now Guatemala No date has been set to respond to that request..

According to the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency, Arévalo’s trip to the United States has been postponed due to work schedule that both he and Vice President Karin Herrera have.

“The meeting has not been attended due to agenda issues. The Vice President leaves today and will have a visit this week and by law the two cannot be outside,” said the Secretariat.

Likewise, it was detailed that it is likely that Arévalo’s trip to the United States will take place at the end of March of this yearbut the dates have not yet been confirmed nor whether it will be a meeting between Bernardo Arévalo and Joe Biden or with Kamala Harris.

Among the topics to be discussed, according to the presidency, include aspects of bilateral interest such as migration, cooperation and economic investment.

Visit to Europe

Arévalo’s first trip as president of Guatemala took place on February 15 to different countries in Europe.

On that occasion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Ramiro Martínez, justified Guatevisión News that the invitations from European countries had been addressed to President Arévalo since November last year and that there were other requests for United States and Mexicowhich would be addressed later.

“We also have the invitations that the president has to visit other countries on the agenda, but we want to program and pause themfor what Don’t feel that the president is only going to be outside and not attending to his tasks here.”, explained the Chancellor at the time.

The United States was one of the countries that more expressed his support for the triumph of Bernardo Arévalo in the 2023 general electionsafter publicly denouncing before the Organization of American States that an attempt was being made to plot a coup against him.

One day after the new government took office, the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Samantha Power, indicated that the United States They are interested in working with the government of Guatemala and promote good relationships; This announcement was made during a press conference held at the National Palace of Culture.

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