ADMIE: Rapid implementation of the electric interconnection of Crete-Attica – 2024-03-10 06:07:20

The implementation of the electricity interconnection between Crete and Attica, implemented by ADMIE’s subsidiary “Ariadni Interconnection”, is progressing rapidly.

The timetable for the completion of construction work and the start of electrification at the end of this year and for the project to be fully operational in the summer of 2025 (following the necessary tests), five years after it was contracted in the summer of 2020, reflects this reality.

The same as the comparison of the project with other electrical interconnection projects of similar specifications that are currently being implemented in Europe.

As for example, the Montenegro-Italy electricity interconnection (MON.ITA) which took more than seven years to complete and the Germany-Norway (NORD.LINK) and UK-Norway (NSL) electricity interconnections, similar technology projects for which required around six years from their contracting until it was put into commercial operation.



Cable manufacturing company Year of contract signing Year of completion Power (MW) Voltage (kV) Overall length (km)
MON.ITA Italy, Montenegro Nexans 2012 2019 2X600 500 2X445
NORD.LINK Germany, Norway Nexans, NKT 2015` 2021 2X700 525 2X623
NSL United Kingdom, Norway Nexans, Prysmian 2015 2021 2X700 525 2X730
Piedmont-Savoy HVDC Italy, France General Electric 2015 2022 2×600 320 2×190

More specifically, both at the Conversion Station in Attica (Koumoundouros) and at the other end of the interconnection (Damasta, Heraklion, Crete), the basic Civil Engineering projects concerning the Station’s main building facilities (AC to DC conversion area -Converter/DC Halls- and the control building) are almost complete.

The work on the auxiliary buildings and the other work on shaping the exterior spaces are in a very advanced phase. In Koumoundouros the installation of the converter transformers has been completed and the installation of the critical electromechanical equipment in the Converter Hall area is underway.

In Damasta, the transport and installation of the converter transformers will take place within February while preliminary work is being carried out to start installation of the critical electromechanical equipment.

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With regard to the cable part of the interconnection, the installation and protection of the ultra-high voltage underwater cables along the entire length of the 336 km route from Attica to Crete was completed within 2023 (a total of 672 km of energy cables and 672 km of optical cables were installed fibers). Testing (after installation) of the energy cables has also been successfully completed recently.

With reference to the progress of the underground cable sections (32 and 13 km long in Attica and Crete respectively), in Attica the construction of the underground route from the Koumoundourou public transport network to the sealing point in Pachi is progressing intensively and 90% of the infrastructure has been completed and 70% of the wiring.

In Crete, the progress of the road construction works for the 13 km long underground cables exceeds 60%. The infrastructure works for the underground cable sections are also at an advanced stage and the installation of the cables has begun.

ADMIE: Rapid implementation of the electric interconnection of Crete-Attica

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