Karine Lalieux Defends Brussels Federation and Socialist Party – Full Interview with Minister of Pensions and Fight against Poverty

2023-11-30 07:38:00

Karine Lalieux, the Socialist Minister in charge of Pensions and the Fight against Poverty, reacts to the decision of Brussels MP Julien Uyttendaele to leave the Socialist Party. The elected official defends the work of the Brussels Federation and brushes aside the criticism.

Karine Lalieux, the Minister of Pensions, was the guest of Bel RTL matin. At Martin Buxant’s microphone, she returned to the departure of Brussels MP Julien Uyttendaele from the Socialist Party.

The Brussels MP has in fact announced that he will not be a candidate for a place in the regional and federal elections next June. He denounced “the internal functioning, as well as a communitarian strategy on questions of secularism, within the Brussels Federation of the PS”.

A position contested by Karine Lalieux: “I am completely in opposition to what Julien Uyttendaele said. He has done a good job, I do not question his work. You know, I have been a member of this party for more than 25 years. I am a woman secularist who carried all the ethical debates. And I can guarantee you that I am at ease, both at the level of the party and its values, and at the level of the Brussels Federation”.

Have you ever been pushed into the corner of communitarianism? Martin Buxant asked him. “No one will ever push me into the corner, you know me. I feel very good in the Brussels Federation, very good in my party and we carry unique values ​​and a unique discourse”, concluded the Minister of Pensions on this point.

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Karine Lalieux, who is also in charge of People with Disabilities, also cited her desire to better include people with disabilities in the job market. In Belgium, the employment rate of these people with disabilities is one of the lowest in Europe, “it’s not acceptable”did she say.

The full interview can be seen below:

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