Karl Habsburg’s Cancer Battle: Find Hope, Faith, and Preventive Measures

2023-09-28 15:27:00

Karl Habsburg is suffering from cancer. As the grandson of the last Austrian emperor announced, the illness “could no longer be kept secret.”

Faith and family give hope

Although it is not his style to make a name for himself with private topics, he is also a public figure. As the “Kronen Zeitung” reports, Habsburg suffers from prostate cancer. Habsburg himself only recently received the diagnosis. He says: “A cancer diagnosis is always a shocking moment because it hits you unprepared and hard. But that’s also part of life.”

In this difficult phase, it was his faith and his family that gave him hope. His wife did not leave his side during this “very stressful time”.

Habsburg had an operation this week. The grandson of Emperor Charles I now urgently advises men and women to undergo preventive examinations. These could help to detect and cure diseases at an early stage.

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