Kate Middleton is furious with Queen Camilla for supporting Prince William’s mistress

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Previously on TimeX we inform you that the wife of King Charles IIIthe Queen Consort Camilla offered her support to Prince William and his lover, for which Kate Middleton upon finding out would have exploded with fury, so a new and hard confrontation within the family bosom.

After the strong confrontation now Queen Camila and Kate Middleton they would have become enemies.

Aware of the rumors that the heir to the British crown would have a affair with Rose Hanbury, the queen consort took a decision that shattered the Duchess of Wales. She decided to support her stepson and give him her blessing to continue with the extramarital relationship.

Sources close to the palace indicated that Camila understands what is going through William’s heart since she was the protagonist of a similar story with King Carlos III. That is why she has even wished that they have a future together.

Of course, Kate exploded with fury at this rudeness and the lack of support from her husband’s stepmotheralthough this attitude did not surprise anyone since Camila Parker never saw William’s wife with good eyes and it is even said that he was opposed to them being together when their courtship began.

The attitude of the wife of Carlos III destroyed Middleton who, despite the rumors, tries to keep up appearances with her husband, as they have been told by the Palace since they do not want a new scandal to overshadow the coronation of Carlos III that will take place. will be done in May.

Although some British media say that there is no evidence of the romance of William and Rose, the rumors are getting stronger and the couple would be in a difficult moment. Meanwhile, the family is divided once more by a scandal.

The humiliation of Prince William’s children to Camila Parker

It seems that the children of Prince William and Kate have a rather distant relationship with Camila Parker, well they do not recognize her as a grandmother and call her in a humiliating way.

To the astonishment of many, they don’t call her grandmother, they call her “Gaga“. The queen consort herself affirmed it and considered that she still does not know the origin of that particular nickname. She slipped that perhaps Guillermo’s children consider her that way. That is, they perhaps consider that He already lost his mental faculties due to his age.

Prince William and his wife do not object to this particular e awkward nickname that for many is offensive and humiliating. In any case, and far from being offended or upset, Camila Parker acknowledged that although she does not know where that nickname came from, she finds it funny and tender. It should be noted that the little princes are prohibited from calling the wife of King Carlos III as grandmother or step-grandmother.

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