Kel Calderón surprised with a playful uncovering

A couple of days ago, Kel Calderón attended the marriage of his friend Trinidad de la Noi and Cristóbal González. This was reported in several publications that he shared on social networks.

“I’m at Disney,” he wrote next to one of the many records of the ceremony. Apparently, the influencer had a great time and danced them all with her partner, Toto Torrealba.

Of course, the day of celebrations had its consequences. In fact, it was Kel herself who revealed a painful “sequel” to the marriage.

“Well, all of this still came at a cost. Today I spent the whole morning removing some glass from my feet that got buried by taking off my shoes, haha,” wrote Calderón, who took the situation with humor.

However, during the day this Friday, Kel Calderón made an impact with a playful uncovering.

the daring postcard

Raquel Argandoña’s daughter played it on her Instagram account and shared several snapshots in a revealing swimsuit that left little to the imagination.

“These bikinis from @joseherrera_chile are EVERYTHING you may need (I have the same one in black because I LOVE it and this is without judging)”, were the words of the model.

As expected, in a matter of seconds, comments began to appear applauding the young woman.

“Raquel por Dios”, “Minísima”, “You went too far”, “Oh my god”, “You are wonderful”, “Regia”, “My mother”, “Shocking” and “Impressive” were some of the reactions received by the publication.

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