what do the numbers say?

At the level of standard hospitalizations, at country level, the situation does not seem to have changed: in absolute numbers, there are many more entries of vaccinated people, even if given their low proportion, an unvaccinated person is much more likely to be hospitalized, whatever their age. For those over 65, it is especially visible after the booster dose (reduction of the risk of hospitalization by 84% compared to an unvaccinated person)

The situation is however more balanced at the Walloon level, where over two weeks, from January 3 to 16, 310 new unvaccinated patients were recorded, against 340 vaccinated (for those whose status is known). But beware, these figures also include patients hospitalized for another reason, and detected positive after their arrival. However, in patients hospitalized for another reason, with 84% of adults vaccinated in Wallonia, we find mainly vaccinated people.

It is therefore likely that in Charleroi there are indeed a majority of new patients admitted FOR Covid who are effectively unvaccinated.

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