Kevin Durant in Boston? The disturbing update!

Kevin Durant has been linked to the Celtics for a few weeks now, without a trade being very close. Negotiations continue with the Nets, who hope to recover many assets from Boston. Only here, the last update on this subject is quite worrying for the future. KD is still far from being able to pack his bags.

Nets training camp will start in just over a month, and no one knows if Kevin Durant planned to go there. He could put his problems aside and join his teammates, or do a Ben Simmons scenario last year, refusing to show up. A risky choice, since he is exposed to fairly hefty fines in the future, although his trade is still possible soon.

All hope is not lost for the winger, who will have to hope for a little boost from the Nets. The franchise is still asking for a very high consideration for giving up the star, so much so that no one wants to line up with it. Only hope? The Celtics, who are one of the few franchises that can do what is necessary in such a trade. It remains to be seen whether Brad Stevens is ready to sacrifice the required assets.

The Celtics, Kevin Durant’s only hope?

Again, it gets complicated for KD, since the talks between the Nets and the Celtics have stalled. This trade should revolve around Jaylen Brown, except surprise, but the C’s do not want to let go of Robert Williams, nor Marcus Smart as a bonus. According to Adam Himmelsbach, journalist for the Boston Globe, the position of the two teams has not changed: in other words, the exchange is still far from seeing the light of day.

The Celtics are very far from a deal to acquire Kevin Durant. “There are no serious discussions about it. »

Too bad for the Slim Reaper, who will have to be patient. The only reversal possible? That the Celtics are accelerating discussions as training camp approaches, but again, nothing is done. Brooklyn plays for time, knowing full well that there is no rush:

That’s because the Celtics aren’t willing to gut their roster to get Kevin Durant, nor should they.

Kevin Durant at the Celtics? It didn’t drop to zero, but let’s say we had more optimistic rumors. The interest is there, that’s for sure, but Brad Stevens is not yet ready to do the necessary. There is only one big month left to move up a gear.

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