Khalifa University Launches 30 Initiatives for Sustainability and Climate Change Action

2023-10-02 10:54:41

ABU DHABI, 2nd October, 2018 (WAM) – Khalifa University of Science and Technology announced today that it will launch 30 initiatives related to sustainability, such as the World Forum for Sustainable Aviation, the World Conference on Energy Transition, an exhibition of Khalifa University projects concerned with sustainability, the International Conference on Sustainability, and a model exhibition for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. As part of the UAE’s preparations to host the United Nations Climate Change Conference from November 30 to December 12 this year.
Khalifa University also plans to organize an exhibition on climate change, a hackathon to develop software projects to reduce food waste and stop the use of plastic bottles on campus, a campaign to distribute plants to encourage the adoption of practices that contribute to environmental sustainability, and an initiative to convert waste into clothes to include sustainability in all aspects of university life, whether research or the campus. Or media, communications, or academic and student activities. Some other initiatives include the Student Sustainability Club logo design competition, a pledge to commit to climate-related actions, a podcast about sustainability, and new initiatives organized by the Student Sustainability Club.
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hajri, Senior Vice President for Auxiliary Services at Khalifa University, said: “Sustainability is part of the culture of Khalifa University, as a large number of its programs, research and activities are related to sustainability topics. We seek to permanently highlight its importance as the UAE prepares to host the conference.” “We also focus on cooperation in the field of technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, in addition to qualifying and empowering national cadres, which reflects our position as an academic institution that conducts innovative research driven by its academic reputation, which is in line with the directions of the country’s leadership regarding energy, water security, and sustainability.” .
Khalifa University plays a prominent role in advancing and accelerating the wheel of innovation due to its distinguished academic programs, advanced research centers and facilities, and its registration of many patents. The research efforts made by the university so far have yielded more than 280 patents, 60% of which constitute new discoveries and technologies. Concerned with sustainability.
The university also recently listed 54 patents in fields including advanced materials, manufacturing, clean and renewable energy, the environment, and hydrocarbon exploration and production, in addition to other fields such as robotics, smart systems, data science, sensors, water, and the environment.
Khalifa University is keen to promote energy and water conservation in its facilities and buildings and to continuously cooperate with relevant authorities to ensure the adoption of best practices to reduce carbon emissions.
These initiatives include steps to improve the energy efficiency of the two university campuses and reduce operational costs and carbon footprint, while supporting the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050.
The Environment, Health, Safety and Facilities Management Department at Khalifa University is currently implementing a total of 22 initiatives, including plans to reduce 70% of plastic bottles, distribute self-serve drinking water dispensers, increase waste recycling from 4% to 30%, and reduce energy consumption by 3% for this year compared to 2022.
Academic programs that contribute to sustainability include courses in urban design for sustainability theory and practice, environmental geology and sustainable building construction, power electronics, analysis of overvoltage and transient charges in electric power systems, photovoltaic technologies involving materials, devices and systems, solar thermal analysis, design, testing and remote environmental sensing processes. Satellite imaging and electrical systems modeling.

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