Kim Kardashian provokes striking screenwriters in Hollywood

2023-06-25 11:21:00

Sunday 25 June 2023 / 15:21

Kim Kardashian has been attacked by striking screenwriters in Hollywood for posting a tweet from the set of her new series, American Horror Story, which will make her acting debut.

Kim, 42, said on her Twitter account, which has 74 million followers: “I’m on set and we have some time between takes… What are you doing now?”

While Kim was taking advantage of the break to open a chat with her followers, there is no doubt that she did not expect that she would be subjected to a massive attack by some of the striking screenwriters since the beginning of May to demand a raise in their wages, according to what was reported by the magazine “Big 6“.

One comic writer responded that he was “striking to support his union”, and another said “you should stand in solidarity with the WGA, because without writers you won’t have any business”.

The last major demand move in Hollywood dates back to 2007-2008 when screenwriters carried out a strike that paralyzed the audiovisual field in the United States. It lasted for 100 days, and the sector incurred two billion dollars in losses because of it. This strike may have catastrophic consequences for the American entertainment sector.

Horror series heroine

Through this series, Kim Kardashian has become for the first time a television action hero after she was assigned roles in several films in the late 1990s, and finally embodied her voice as one of the characters in the animated movie PAW Patrol.

Kardashian surprised her fans in April by publishing a short promotional video in which she told her followers that she would participate in the twelfth season of the series alongside actress Emma Roberts. The brief video contained little information about the role she would play in the events of the series, which will be shown on the FX television network.

It is noteworthy that Kim gained wide fame in 2007 thanks to the reality TV program “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, which, during its twenty seasons, has been transmitting the facts of the daily life of her wealthy family.

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