“Kim Min-jae is the king, always there. Some recognition of Coulibaly skills” 伊 Media praise

[OSEN=강필주 기자] Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) also received a good evaluation in the 3rd game.

Min-jae Kim started the 3rd round of ‘2022-2023 Serie A’ held at Stadio Artemio Franci in Florence, Italy on the 29th (Korea time) and played an away match against Fiorentina, once again playing full-time, contributing to a 0-0 draw. .

Naples, who had a fresh wind with two consecutive opening wins, slowed down for a while. However, they are still at the top of the league with 7 points (2 wins, 1 draw). AC Milan, Lazio, Atalanta, Turin and AS Roma all have 7 points, but Napoli has the highest +7 in goal difference.

Kim Min-jae played as a left center back as usual on the day, paired with Amir Rahmani. Kim Min-jae, who was tasked with stopping the opponent’s striker Luka Jovic, showed a stable overall appearance and actively participated in the attack.

In particular, Kim Min-jae prevented the team from conceding a goal by kicking off an opponent’s shot in the 23rd minute of the first half when goalkeeper Meret missed it.

In response, Italian media highly evaluated Kim Min-jae’s performance. Most praised Kim Min-jae, giving the highest rating. Kim Min-jae showed good performances in the previous matches against Ellas Verona and Monza, but the evaluation was put on hold due to the fact that he was a relatively weak team. However, even against Fiorentina, which has good organizational skills, Kim Min-jae is also getting recognition as he played a scoreless performance.

After the match, ‘Eurosport’ gave Kim Min-jae the highest score of 6.5 in the team along with MF André Frank Zambo Anguisa. “He was a king. You hardly notice him, but he was always there. He may have recognized some of the elements of Coulibaly, but his study of Jovic was perfect,” he praised Kim.

Regarding Napoli’s Fiorentina match, ‘Sport Napoli’ said, “Midfielder Anguisa led well, and Kim Min-jae showed a good defense. Hvica Kvarazhelia and Irving Rosano gave a general review that the game was not convincing. Next, Kim Min-jae He gave Zambo Anguisa the highest score of 6.5 on the team and said, “He’s an important player. The air contention was perfect, and he made frequent attacks during the match. He even took risks once.”

‘I Am Napoli’ said, “Kim Min-jae was very good, but Di Lorenzo wasn’t good.” In doing so, he was the only one who gave Min-jae Kim the highest score of 7 on the team. “Overall he was the best at Napoli. His skill as well as his effective play was outstanding. Although the goal was cancelled, he did an amazing play for Zielinski. Sometimes he came out aggressive and lost the ball,” he added.

‘Siamo Il Napoli’ gave Anguisa 7 points, and gave Kim Min-jae a score of 6.5, saying, “It was great and involved a lot in the attack. Sometimes I hit a long ball aggressively and there were mistakes.” ‘Il Martino’ gave Kim Min-jae the second highest score of 7 after Anguisa, who received 7.5. “Kim Min-jae blocked Jovic. He coordinated with Rahmani and took Jovic’s space and time. As a starter, he didn’t do well in the first half, but he was careful and handled all the high balls. Diligent and orderly. Not simple ” he praised.

‘Calcio Napoli 24’ also gave Kim Min-jae the highest score of 6.5, emphasizing, “Osimen’s goal was canceled, but Zielinski put the ball in. He maintained high concentration and aggression.” /[email protected]

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