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After many people were diagnosed and recovered, they left more or less sequelae such as asthma, fatigue, cough, etc., only to realize that contracting the epidemic is not a joke, and the long-term new crown syndrome is real. In this regard, Huang Xuan, a thoracic and critical care physician, revealed that the first week of diagnosis actually determines whether you will develop a new crown in the future. Among them, people with five symptoms in the first week of infection, the elderly, women, and smokers are four categories. People are more likely to develop long-term new crown syndrome.

Huang Xuan was there yesterdayFacebookShang issued a document to share that in fact, in the first week of diagnosis, it was decided whether or not to get long new crown syndrome. According to a research analysis published by King’s College London in an international medical journal, among the new coronary pneumonia cases in the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden, it was found that patients with 5 symptoms in the first week of infection, and the risk of developing new coronary symptom clusters in the future is patients without related symptoms. 3.53 times. While these five symptoms include headache, fatigue, hoarseness, muscle aches and difficulty breathing, loss of taste is one of the most common symptoms in people over 70.

Huang Xuan pointed out that people who are too old are also prone to contract the new crown syndrome. Patients between the ages of 18 and 49 have a 9.9% chance of developing the new crown, and those over 70 years old have a 21.9% chance of developing the new crown; in addition, girls The chance of getting a long new crown is 14.9%, which is nearly 1.6 times higher than the 9.5% risk for boys.

Huang Xuan said that Australian research has found that smoking is easy to increase the deterioration of long-term new crown symptoms, because smoking itself contains a lot of chemical substances, which will enhance the inflammatory response of the whole body, including after diagnosis and recovery, continuous smoking will make the original brain. After the vascular disease is infected by the new coronavirus, it is still repeatedly inflamed by cigarettes, which deepens and worsens the symptoms of the new crown. If these people are serious, they are prone to suicide.

Huang Xuan revealed that many scientific researches on the long-term new crown syndrome will be launched after a period of time. After all, the new crown virus has only appeared in three years. Some foreign scholars and experts want to use 25 years to track the changes in the lives of these people. , we still look forward to more and longer studies to confirm these.

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