konzert #47: everything everything @ arena | 03.08.2022

2023-06-23 15:57:38

a bit of summer, a few hits and a lot of motivation: “everything everything” was in the wiener arena!

attend a concert in a closed room at the beginning of august? Just thinking about it made me break out in a sweat. but we couldn’t do anything about it and so we made our way to the arena that summer’s day and mentally prepared ourselves to go home soaking wet. in order to let the temperatures soar a bit more, “please madame“ sent to the stage – “warm-up acts” in summer? we should start a discussion about that. in any case, we got a little warmer because of “please madame” – we automatically had to rock along to their tunes (some even danced!) because they put so much energy into their performance. and the gentlemen on stage were the very first with soaking wet robes. oh, summer.

at some point it was time for the main act of the evening, namely “everything everything“. they started with “pizza boy”, a song I didn’t know. but then “can’t do” and “cough cough” followed and my heart beat faster and my feet danced up and down with joy. as a friend of their big hits and a miss of what else is in the band’s biography, i somehow always waited a ticket too much to hear something familiar. but for starters they fulfilled all my wishes and expectations. also because the band knew how to move well and didn’t stand around rooted to the spot.

the song “jennifer” was my next highlight – in between and after that everything was always a little bit unspectacular. a lot of the songs wanted to be big, but for some reason the melodies couldn’t fill the space the way they wanted. I wanted to get a feel for the songs and the band’s performance by deliberately swinging along to the beat – a difficult undertaking that didn’t quite succeed. maybe it was because of me, maybe because of the heat – at least something was clouding my senses.

and then we were moving towards the end again including the hits i wanted to hear. above all: “distance past”. what a good number! not only i celebrated this song, but the entire sweaty audience. everyone jumped, everyone sang, everyone was in a good mood! the closing song “no reptiles” was not the best choice to let us go into the night. as you can see: the concert was up and down, good average, not too exciting but definitely with small highlights like hits and nice movements on stage. In any case, I’m planning for the next summer: less in closed rooms, more to airy stages under the open sky – for the vibe and above all for the sweat development for bands and audience.

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