Carrefour plans up to 979 voluntary departures from its headquarters in Essonne and Calvados

2023-06-26 10:43:01

This workforce reduction objective had been revealed in May by La Lettre A, which assured that “a thousand positions” were “targeted on the sole France perimeter of the group”. This Monday, the Carrefour group confirmed that up to “979 departures would be likely to take place” at its headquarters in France, “excluding stores and warehouses”, and on “a strict voluntary basis”, in a message sent to the AF, on the sidelines of a CSE (staff representative body).

The distributor presented to its social partners a “new organization of the headquarters in France” and indicated on this occasion that “a maximum number of 979 departures would be likely to occur” on this occasion. “These departures will only concern head office employees, excluding those in stores or warehouses”, specifies Carrefour, which has head offices in Massy (Essonne), Évry (Essonne) and Mondeville (Calvados).

Revenue up 16%

These departures “can only take place on a strictly voluntary basis, and within the framework of quality social support”, still assures the distributor. In mid-June, the CFDT had indicated that “the first departures on a voluntary basis might take place at the end of August, or even well before for employees producing a permanent contract abroad”.

This reorganization is part of the strategic plan for 2026 concocted for the distributor by its CEO Alexandre Bompard. In November 2022, the latter announced a new plan for “cost savings” of 4 billion euros, including “significant reductions in the workforce in each” of the European headquarters.

The CEO of the group did not give any indication of the extent of these reductions, simply indicating that “in Europe, there is enormous potential for pooling to be exploited” and that “everything that must be pooled in our organization will be”.

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Staff reductions at European level are not yet known. Carrefour achieved in 2022 a turnover up by 16% to 90.8 billion euros, and a net profit jumping to 1.35 billion euros, or 26% better than the previous year. It is due to publish its financial results for the first half of 2023 on July 26.

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