KPU Chairman Threatened with Dismissal Due to Alleged Immoral Cases – 2024-04-19 16:47:09

Chairman of the KPU Hasyim Asy’ari (AFP)

THE position of chairman of the General Election Commission (KPU) should be a role model for his subordinates up to the ad hoc officer level. Therefore, the alleged violation of the code of ethics in the form of actions committed by the Chairman of the Indonesian KPU, Hasyim Asy’ari, was labeled as a portrait of the decline in morality and ethics of election organizers in carrying out their duties.

Director of the Indonesian Democracy and Electoral Empowerment Partnership (DEEP) Neni Nur Hayati said that Hasyim’s complaint to the Honorary Council for Election Organizers (DKPP) regarding allegations of immorality against one of the overseas election committee (PPLN) officers was embarrassing. Moreover, this is not the first complaint against Hasyim regarding similar allegations.

“What’s even worse is that he has no sense of shame and repeatedly violates ethics without correcting his mistakes,” said Neni to Media Indonesia, Thursday (18/4).

Last year, the DKPP imposed a final stern warning sanction on Hasyim following a complaint made by the Chairman of the Republic One Party, namely Hasnaeni or who is often called the Golden Woman, for alleged similar violations. Therefore, Neni asked DKPP to impose even heavier sanctions on Hasyim this time if he is proven to have committed immoral acts.

“If the DKPP sanctions only provide a final stern warning and do not provide a deterrent effect, I see that the DKPP is also not serious about improving the morals and ethics of election organizers and decisions that do not have a deterrent effect will only be in vain,” said Neni.

For Neni, allowing violations of the code of ethics, especially immorality, will have a negative impact on the integrity of election organizers in the future. Because arbitrary actions can be carried out in the name of power. In fact, this actually tarnished the good name of the KPU institution.

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“I hope that the DKPP decision this time can be even more progressive in improving the integrity of election organizers in the future. Especially regarding immorality, there should be no words of tolerance,” concluded Neni.

Hasyim was reported today to DKPP by the victim whose identity was kept secret through legal counsel from the Legal Aid Consultation Institute, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (LKBH-FHUI) and LBH Apik. The victim’s attorney, Aristo Pangaribuan, underlined the existence of a power relationship that occurred during Hasyim’s alleged immorality.

“This is our client, a woman, a PPLN officer, she doesn’t have any interests, she feels she is a victim of her power relations. Because this is her boss, the Chairman of the KPU,” said Aristo. (Z-8)

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