Unraveling the Mystery: Investigating the Sabotage of Gas Pipelines in Europe

2023-09-29 12:47:05

Today, we still do not know who sabotaged these gas pipelines. Three investigations are being carried out simultaneously by the Danes, the Swedes and the Germans, but the name of the culprit remains unknown, although numerous leads have been mentioned: British, American, Russian, Ukrainian…

But given the strategic interest of these gas pipelines for Russia, what would have been its interest in sabotaging them?

According to Marion Van Renterghem, Russia is precisely the only state to have a rational interest in this incident. “There are even several“, she explains. “Firstly because the explosion took place in a NATO zone and it exposes the vulnerability of these countries. And on the other hand, Putin having cut off the gas before the explosion owes billions to the country which he did not supply. However, this explosion provides a perfect case of force majeure so as not to have to pay these penalties. Which does not necessarily mean that Russia blew up these pipes. There are also crimes of passion.

These pipes are not destroyed.

Furthermore, the specialist wants to emphasize an important point. “You should know that these pipes are not at all destroyed forever… and that is the original fault of all these investigations. Not only is one in four intact – Vladimir Putin strongly insisted that it could work and that it depended on the Europeans – but above all, they are repairable.

If these pipes are not rebuilt, it would not be for technical questions, but for political reasons.

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