Lanbide still does not pay the ERTE supplement

More than four months have passed since the Basque Government agreed with the social agents a supplement for those affected by ERTE with lower salaries – less than 20,000 euros per year – and no one has received it yet. Sources from the Employment department acknowledged yesterday to EL CORREO that Lanbide has not yet been able to pay it because there is still an unresolved problem with the data that must pass the state employment service, the SEPE, dependent on the ministry directed by Yolanda Díaz.

The aid promised by the Basque Government, of 150 euros in full-time cases, was agreed in June and was presented as a great achievement of the Social Dialogue Table, in which the employers and the unions CC OO and UGT participate. At the end of July, the system to submit the request was enabled, but no one has yet received a response. It has been so long that an extension has already been agreed to extend the complements as much as the ERTE, until January 31, when initially it was only planned that they would cover those affected by these files in July, August and September.

Problems with SEPE

The payment will be made retroactively, but it is not known when. The new Basque Government, with Vice President Mendia at the head of Employment and Labor, promised to accelerate the payment and has been urging SEPE to find a solution to the technical problem. He promised to start payments in October but we are already in November and it has not yet been made. Department sources explain that, to avoid paperwork for the workers, it was decided that Lanbide would automatically process the payment and for that it needs the state service, in charge of paying benefits, to pass on the data of those affected by ERTE with a regulatory base lower than 20,000 euros.

At first it was estimated that there would be 44,000 beneficiaries, but later the figure was significantly reduced. At the end of October, there were 21,232 people affected by ERTE in the Basque Country.


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