Latest Updates on Israeli Bombings in Gaza: No Place is Safe, Urgent Humanitarian Situation

2023-10-26 08:30:37


“No place is safe in Gaza,” says UN humanitarian affairs coordinator

The UN humanitarian affairs coordinator for the Palestinian territories warned Thursday that “no place is safe in Gaza” due to Israeli bombings carried out since the start of the war with Hamas on October 7. Lynn Hastings also affirms in a press release that the “advance warnings” launched by the Israeli army to populations to evacuate areas it intends to target, “make no difference”.


In pictures: the Israeli raid in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army has published photos of its nighttime incursion into Palestinian territory.


Canton of Zurich releases 500,000 francs for survivors of terrorist attacks in Israel

The canton of Zurich announces its support for an Israeli foundation following the Hamas attacks of October 7. An amount of 500,000 francs from the public utility fund will be intended for “survivors of terrorist attacks in Israel and the reconstruction of their villages”, specify the authorities, referring more particularly to the Eshkol region, which shares a long border. with the Gaza Strip.

This sum will be used “for food and accommodation for survivors as well as for the reconstruction of homes and businesses, so that agricultural production of food can continue. The project was negotiated by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (FSCI), whose headquarters is in Zurich,” indicates the canton.


In Geneva, a van displaying portraits of Israeli hostages ends up in the pound

A van with two giant screens playing video clips on the Israeli hostages was to circulate all day in Geneva on Wednesday and in Lausanne on Thursday. Le véhicule n’a pas roulé un kilomètre qu’il a été soumis à un contrôle de police et envoyé à la fourrière: il n’est pas conforme à la loi sur la circulation routière. It was sent back to France, where the company owners of the headquarters’ truck.

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Israel carried out “targeted operations” with tanks in the northern Gaza Strip

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, Israel led “a targeted raid with tanks in the north of the Gaza Strip, as part of its preparations for the next stages of combat,” said a military statement. During this nocturnal foray, the soldiers “located and struck many terrorists, their infrastructure and the launching positions of anti -tank rockets, and operated to prepare the battlefield,” said the Israeli army. The soldiers “left the area” at the end of the operation.

Israel continues to prepare for a ground offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, despite international warnings against an operation that risks worsening an already critical humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territory. On Wednesday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the preparation of a ground offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “When, how, how much, and the considerations we take into account, I can’t go into detail,” he added.


US president calls on Israel to spare civilians

US President Joe Biden said Wednesday that Israel not only had the right but “responsibility” to defend himself after the bloody attack of Hamas but that he had to do everything possible to save Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip .

“Hamas is hiding behind Palestinian civilians, which is despicable and, unsurprisingly, cowardly. But that does not detract from the need to act in accordance with the laws of war,” he added, speaking to the press alongside Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Asked about the number of deaths in the conflict, the American president said that he “did not trust” in the balance sheets provided by the Palestinians. “I am sure that innocent people have been killed, and this is the price to pay to wage war. But I have no confidence in the figures used by the Palestinians, “he said.

The attack on Hamas and the reprisals of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip have killed more than 1,400 people in Israel, according to the authorities, and more than 6,500 in Palestinian territory, according to the Islamist movement, mainly civilians of the two sides.


EU leaders debate call for ‘humanitarian pause’ in Gaza

European leaders will debate early Thursday afternoon a call for a “humanitarian pause” to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip at a two-day summit in Brussels that announcement dominated by the war between Israel and Hamas.

All States have strongly condemned the unprecedented attack launched on October 7 by Hamas, which according to Israel left at least 1,400 dead and more than 220 hostages, four of whom have been released since Friday evening. But consensus is less strong on the question of stopping the bombings carried out in retaliation by Israel on the Gaza Strip, which have killed more than 6,500 people, according to the Hamas health ministry.

After days of negotiations between the twenty-seven, the latest summit version calls for “continuous, fast, safe and unhindered humanitarian access and the delivery of help to those who need it through of all necessary measures, including a humanitarian break ”. This declaration, which can still be subject to changes, does not take up the United Nations request for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire”.


Israeli army announces strike against Lebanon

The Israeli army says its planes struck Lebanon in retaliation for a missile launch. “Recently, the Israeli army’s air defense network intercepted a surface-to-air missile fired from Lebanon at an Israeli army drone,” the army announced in a statement. “In response, Israeli army planes struck the origin of the launch.”

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