League 2 1xBet Playoffs: Alliance University vs. Alliance University Chankas FC Live – Results, Updates, and Schedule

2023-10-20 18:43:12

Alliance University vs. Alliance University Chankas FC LIVE face each other for the first leg final corresponding to the playoffs of the League 2 1xBet. Both teams reached these stages after passing their matches in phase 2, after finishing in the top seven of the regular stage.

LIVE | Alliance University 1-0 Chankas CYC

Gol: Franz Schmidt (37′)

Although Comerciantes Unidos was the champion of the current season of Second division, and secured their place in Liga1 Betsson 2024, on this occasion the runner-up will also have direct promotion to First Division. In that sense, this confrontation will be held to define that quota.

The meeting between Alliance University vs. Alliance University Chankas, by Liga 2, will be played this Friday, October 20, starting at 1:00 pm (Peruvian time) at the Heraclio Tapia stadium in Huánuco, and will be broadcast LIVE via Nativa TV. In addition, you can follow the incidents of the meeting for FREE and ONLINE at RPP.pe.

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Alliance University vs. Alliance University Chankas CYC: alignments confirmed

University Alliance: Daniel Prieto; Gerson Iraola, Jhon Ibargüen, Franz Schmidt, Brayan Guevara; Anthony Aoki, Jorginho Sernaqué, Diego Carabaño; Renato Espinosa, Rick Campodónico and Charles Monsalvo.

Chankas CYC: Michael Sotillo; Víctor Labrín, Ederson Mogollón, Carlos Gamarra, Axel Chávez; Dustin Rengifo, Rudy Palomino; Carlos López, Oshiro Takeuchi, Abel Casquete; and Luis Ramos.

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How does Alianza Universidad arrive?

Those led by Paul Cominges obtained their pass to the final (phase 3) of the playoffs of the League 2 1xBet after beating San Martín in phase 2, with 6-3 on the aggregate score.

University Alliance It played phase 2 directly, without going through phase 1, thanks to its location in the regular stage: it came in third place, with 51 points in 26 games, of which it won 15, tied six and lost the remaining five .

The last ’11’ of the Huanuqueño team, against the ‘holy’ squad, was with Daniel Prieto, Gerson Iraola, Ibargüen, Franz Schmidt, Brayan Guevara, Anthony Aoki, Sernaqué, Diego Carabaño, Féliz Espinoza, Rick Campodónico and Charles Monsalvo. The squad also has Lionard Pajoy, Raul Tito, Jean Deza, Diego Encinas, Juan Manuel Cámara, among others.

What about Chankas CYC?

On the other hand, Juan Carlos Bazalar’s team reached the final of the playoffs of League 2 1xBet after beating Comerciantes FC 4-1 on aggregate.

The classification of Foot CYC It also went directly to phase 3, as it came in second place in the regular stage, 10 points behind the champion, Comerciantes Unidos. He scored 53 points in 26 games, of which he won 16, tied five and lost five.

Their last starting lineup was with Michael Sotillo, Axel Chávez, Víctor Labrín, Carlos Gamarra, Rudy Palomino, Ademar Robles, Abel Casquete, Carlos López, Oshiro Takeuchi, Ederson Mogollón and Luis Ramos. He also has Arly Martínez, Gary Correa, Yoffré Vásquez, among others.

Alliance University vs. Alliance University Chankas CYC: schedules in the world

Alliance University vs. Alliance University Foot CYC They face each other this Friday, October 20, starting at 1:00 pm in Peru, for the tournament of Second division. Find out the schedules in the world here.

Peru: 1:00 pm Ecuador: 1:00 p.m. mColombia: 1:00 pm Mexico: 12:00 pm Paraguay: 2:00 pm Bolivia: 2:00 pmVenezuela: 2:00 pm Argentina: 3:00 pm Chile: 3:00 pm Uruguay: 3:00 pm United States ( Los Angeles): 11:00 am United States (New York): 2:00 pm Spain: 8:00 pm

On which channel to watch Alliance University vs. University? Chankas CYC?

University Alliance vs. Chankas CYC will face each other this Friday. The match will be broadcast LIVE on Liga1 max n DSports and Nativa TV (nationally on channel 36 and 736 HD of Movistar, channel 30 and 516 HD of Claro TV, channel 11 of Qlobbi, and Nativa’s YouTube channel).

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