Lebanon: Qabalan’s “legal mandate” to vote for the “Shiite duo”

Yesterday, the excellent Jaafari Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan issued what can be considered a “sharia mandate” that defines the Shiite voters the choices he wants them to make in the upcoming parliamentary elections. He said that “electoral entitlement is a major worship and a religious obligation,” at the same time forbidding boycotting the elections or voting with a white paper. While describing the electoral battle as “God’s greatest obligation”, he called for voting for the “Shiite duo” (“Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement) and their allies.

Qabalan’s words came in the blessed Eid al-Fitr sermon, and he addressed the Shiites in particular by saying: “The electoral merit is a great worship, and a decisive national, moral and religious obligation, and hesitation is forbidden and even forbidden.” In the context of his call to vote for the “Shiite duo”, he said that the elections are the “mother of all battles”, and begin with the purification and liberation of political and administrative decisions through the ballot boxes.

Within the framework of the election campaign, which is heating up less than two weeks before its scheduled date on May 15, the “electoral war” between the “Free Patriotic Movement” and the “Lebanese Forces” party intensified with the weapon of accusations and high-ceilinged positions in parallel to the parallel battles waged by the parties. Competing and sometimes ‘forcibly allied’.

In response to the movement’s head, MP Gibran Bassil, accusing the “forces” of exceeding the electoral spending ceiling, the head of the foreign relations apparatus of the “forces” party, Richard Koyumjian, called for not electing “those uttered by the people and rejected by the regions,” referring to Bassil, who refused to receive some The people of the regions in the north and the Bekaa.

MP Simon Abi Ramia criticized what he called “the neo-sovereigns” and attacked “the political hypocrisy that some use to steal the movement’s slogans and hold it responsible for the economic collapse.” On the other hand, he warned against insulting the president of the republic or the Free Patriotic Movement, stressing that the president of the republic is the president of freedom and independence who defended true partnership, so he restored through practice the powers of the strong president.

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