“Les Voisins”, the new SeLoger TV campaign to strengthen its link with the French

SeLoger takes care of neighborhood relations in its new TV campaign entrusted to the Interruption agency;

You don’t choose your neighbors

SeLoger is launching a new advertising campaign focused on a theme that speaks to everyone: neighborhood relations. The mainspring of the campaign entrusted to the Interruption agency? ” You don’t choose your neighbors but you can find your ideal home on SeLoger ».

The TV campaign which comes in 3 films arousing smiles and emotions and aimed at those who are looking for the perfect place to live.

The creative idea of ​​the campaign, by highlighting what escapes all control, highlights the crucial role of SeLoger with all French people: allowing them to find the property that suits them.”, explains Virginie Boudet, VP Brand & Communication of AVIV France (SeLoger and Best Agents).

To reach the 25–49 age group as much as possible, the broadcast of the 3 films is concentrated on the most powerful channels, similar to this target group: M6, France 2, TMC, or C8. These advertising spots will be accompanied by several relays on social networks. With this TV campaign from February 5 to March 5 (1,000 GRPs served) and this ambitious 360 media plan, the SeLoger brand intends to generate more than 190 million contacts.
Our TV advertising investments feed the power and quality of our audience, says Franck Le Tendre, VP Operations AVIV France (SeLoger and Best Agents). It is this audience leadership that allows us to satisfy and retain our customers, who in turn contribute to satisfying the French by offering the completeness of the advertisements on our site. It is a virtuous circle of which we are proud and which values ​​our central role in the success of the real estate experience..”

Innovative nugget of the 90s today in the bosom of the AVIV group, SeLoger prides itself on helping 6 million French people every month to find their ideal property. And to be the favorite real estate site of the French.*

* according to a recent Youkov study carried out in France among 3004 people aged 18 and over, from 12.12.2022 to 19.12.2022.

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