Liège Parking Reform: New Regulations and Pricing Simplifications for Local and Paid Parking

2023-12-18 07:20:50

The College will propose to the Municipal Council on December 19 to adopt the new regulations relating to parking. This major reform, which will come into force on July 1, 2024, concerns both local parking and paid parking. We had already talked about it: its objective is to make the parking system clearer for users by reducing the number of neighboring areas, which will be enlarged, by offering new possibilities to professional sectors, and by adapting the price scales (a fixed price daily at 6 euros will be offered). Although the adaptation of signage and the various regulations will take place gradually, you can already find all the measures proposed on

In addition to the work carried out in the streets of Liège, via the reorganization of neighboring areas and the creation of numerous spaces reserved for them or the extension of the “shop and drive” and “kiss and drive” systems, the reform establishes new facilities for many audiences: residents, professionals or occasional users. Here are some examples of key measures that will come into force on July 1, 2024:

• Reduced subscriptions for people domiciled in Liège

For more than 10 years, the City has been offering an annual subscription at €600 (01/01 to 31/12) or half-yearly subscription at €350 (01/07 to 31/12) giving access to all paid locations. With the new regulation, from July 1, if you live in Liège, the price will be significantly reduced. The annual subscription will increase to €400/year! It will now be available in a quarterly version with proportional amounts.

• Annual subscription at €100/year for healthcare or personal assistance professionals

The City of Liège will offer personal care and assistance providers (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) an annual subscription at the very affordable price of €100, given the role they play in society. With this card, the service provider will be able to park without paying additional costs, and without time limit, in paid spaces but also in all “riverside” spaces in the municipal territory.

Concretely, from January 1, 2024 (and therefore while waiting for the €100 subscription to come into force in July), for people domiciled in Liège or care or personal assistance professionals, this is the 6-month subscription plan at €350 which will be offered. For others, the annual subscription of €600 is renewed. The quarterly version of the subscription will also be available on July 1st.

• Free parking for caregivers (effective 07/01/2024)

Many people provide help, sometimes daily, to a loved one in a situation of dependency, without however residing under the same roof. In order to facilitate this assistance, any person recognized as a caregiver (on the basis of a certificate from the mutual insurance company) will now be able to access the “residential” zone of the person being assisted for a renewable period of six months.

• In terms of pricing, significant simplifications

Several measures aim to simplify and promote accessibility to the parking meter area and the city center:
· premier 1/4h free;
· a single tariff zone with a standardized maximum duration;
· activation of card payment;
· “day” ticket for €6;
· subscription available in quarterly version.

Reduced local areas, fees of 80 euros, adapted rates for #parking: Liège is revolutionizing its parking policy

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