Life On Campus During COVID

While students on college campuses have been used to a bustling and busy lifestyle for centuries, the emergence of COVID changes all of that in a very short amount of time. For students who had come to college from other cities or other countries, everything came to a halt and they suddenly found themselves alone and isolated in their dorm rooms. Now that the virus is a little under control and vaccinations have started, colleges and universities are opening up again. However, life on campus during COVID is not quite the same. 

Change in Attitude

Having spent so much time off-campus, a lot of college-goers are now finding it hard to get used to the new routine again. Going to classes, getting assignments done, and sitting in lectures is all going to feel very different for some time, and it’s understandable. If you also feel like that for some time and find it hard to get your work done, consider using one of the best writing services on the internet to get help with your assignments. Doing so will take some of the pressure off while you readjust to the busy nature of in-person classes and exams. 

Masked Faces

One of the most obvious changes in campus life that can be seen during the era of COVID is the presence of masks everywhere. This is just one of the precautions that everyone on campus has to take in order to keep themselves and others safe from contracting the virus. A lot of universities are asking students to wear masks at least in public spaces like corridors and cafeterias. And while this may not be comfortable for everyone, it is something that has to be done. 

Changes in Learning

There is a big change in the way students are being taught, of course. A lot of colleges are still prioritizing online education which has caused students to approach their studies in a very different way. The campus is being accessed only for the rare in-person lecture, to meet with a professor, or to do some lab work, etc. While this online education is overall more flexible, it is also tougher for some students to focus on their work without physical classes and meetings. 

Lesser People

There are many institutions that still have not opened up completely for physical classes as they are following a hybrid arrangement. As a result, students may find much fewer people on their campuses which can end up feeling a little weird. The campus, therefore, is no longer a place for many to socialize and meet with friends but rather a place to go for a few of those classes that cannot be conducted online. 

More Fear

Those people who are in fact going to their campus are more afraid than ever before simply because there is still a chance to contract the virus. They are being careful and safe while keeping a distance from others. A college campus, as a result, looks very different these days from what we have seen for years and years. 


There is no denying that life on campus during COVID is pretty much completely different from what we have known before. There are lesser people present, there are fewer parties and social events, there are more restrictions, and there is an ever-looming fear of the virus. Despite all of this though, academic institutions are doing their best to provide students with the best possible experience and students are trying their best to get used to the new reality of education during COVID. There may still be more challenges to meet as we move forward but they will be met head-on by the resilience of college-goers. 

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