LINE launches a new feature “AI portrait”, through LINE you can get high-quality headshots in studio

2023-07-03 13:41:52

LINE announced on 7/3 the launch of a new feature “AI Portrait”. AI Portrait is an image generation service that uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate high-quality headshots that look like studio shots taken by professional photographers. This feature is now available in LINE’s “Profile Studio”.

Just enter the personal profile of LINE, click “Personal Profile Studio” to use the “AI portrait” service. After uploading 10 to 20 personal photos, 30 headshots with different styles and poses can be generated:

Many people now share their AI pictures on instagram, and I also use “AI Portrait” to make my own AI pictures. First, select 10~20 frontal or sideways pictures with clear facial features and no wink. Then choose the photo scheme, there are two schemes in total. Those who want to know immediately can choose to quickly generate 30 photos, and the price is 340 LINE tokens. Or the plan to generate 30 photos within 24 hours is priced at 170 LINE tokens. The finished photos will appear in “Service Messages”. You can download 30 photos with one click, and you can use them as headlines or posts:

Using LINE’s latest “AI portrait” can get the same texture as the Korean ID photo, and you can also understand your suitable hair color and hairstyle through a variety of styles:

However, it should be noted that the “AI portrait” function is currently only applicable to female images, and it is expected to provide male image generation services in July 2023.If you are interested in “AI portrait”, you can clickofficial websiteLearn more.

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