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2023-09-05 21:57:53

Aaaaah, the IFA, for those & those who don’t know, it’s a show on tech products that could bring its share of dreams for the technophiles that we are. It was a few years ago because, it must be admitted that lately, there is no longer the excitement of before. But we still did the job of giving you back what the press has identified as remarkable: smartphones perhaps? Display? Sound ? Home automation? Or maybe in the many batteries that have been skillfully highlighted by Julien, of blog what-for-what.

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Phew! Electric bikes From Muff are saved and leave zero.

IFA2023: Little Hearts of Berlin

IF Tiredness? A nice living room, but not phew. Hold the line…! A phone bag main ? Objection your Honor ! Phantom threat? The devices of Tecno are coming… A TCL just for your eyes. Watch 4 at €150, Honor watch the way. Sound in silence Total screen PC New Nes 3DS, after, the portablesTHE screens portables !

Lenovo Yoga book and Legion 9i, he asks for cash…

Go go go! The Ally has allies. Sources of suction:


Jailbreaking universal for language models.

ChatGPT fight against disinformation with… propaganda. Brume: ChatGPT read well Stephen Kingis it a plagiarist for as much ? The squirts of Gauss are they the future of 3D ?

Video games

Descent into Hell: Volition closes its portes. Ad SAG-AFTRA per aspera: the strike reaches the game video ? PS More Expensive: everything increases… except the catalogue.


A program prepared by Guillaume Poggiaspalla Presented by Guillaume Vende

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