LNG Carriers and the Yamal LNG Plant: Uninterrupted Shipments Despite Regional Tensions

2023-09-24 22:20:00

The Vladimir Vize, one of the ice-breaking LNG carriers used to export liquefied natural gas produced by the Yamal LNG plant in northern Russia, is currently on technical shutdown at the Damen Shiprepair shipyard in Brest. The latter has also been used to welcoming this type of ship since the Siberian production unit was put into service at the end of 2017. And the war in Ukraine has not changed anything since if imports to Europe of Russian gas via gas pipelines have been interrupted, those in the form of LNG transported by these ice-breaking LNG carriers have never stopped since they are not subject to sanctions. Especially since the ships are not armed under the Russian flag and mostly belong to foreign shipowners.

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