Long-awaited Elevator Repair in Estimauville Sector: Updates and Assistance for Affected Tenants

2023-06-30 18:30:59

The tenants of the Estimauville sector in Quebec are deprived of the elevator in their building, which has been broken for more than 10 months and which will not be functional before October.

The aircraft was to be returned to service in July, but problems with the ground and the supply of parts meant that the start-up date was postponed by several months.

This situation affects several tenants, especially elderly people, who have difficulty moving around in such circumstances.

“We on the 6th floor are badly taken, explains Michel Jean, a tenant. I’m OK because I’m able to go up and down, but there are many who have trouble going down and have their errands done by other tenants or people from the OMHQ, but they’re not not there every day. People are taken upstairs.”

For its part, the Office municipal de l’habitation de Québec reiterates that compensation has been offered and indicates that there is help on site.

“We have the technical solution in hand, but the implementation of this new custom-designed system requires a little more time,” says General Manager Dany Caron. Our team spares no effort to ensure that tenants regain use of their elevator as soon as possible.”

Watch the full explanation in the video above.

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