Long-range electric crossover

Dhe supply of all-electric cars is steadily increasing. There is now a choice of more than sixty vehicle models that run exclusively on electricity. One of the most interesting new releases from our point of view is the Kia EV6. 61 European specialist journalists saw it that way and put the Korean full electrician on the final list for the title of “Car of the Year 2022” along with six other cars, including the technically closely related group brother Hyundai Ioniq 5. What makes the 4.68 meter long electric crossover special?

On the one hand its visual appearance. Because the EV6 is not derived from an existing combustion model, the designers were able to let off steam. The result was an exalted appearance with a strongly curved bonnet, a coupé-like roof, flush sunken door handles that only extend when necessary but are unfortunately difficult to grip and, well, an idiosyncratic high rear. On the other hand, the beefy coupe stands out from most electric vehicles with its turbocharged charging capacity of up to 240 kW. Only Tesla’s Model 3 and the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT, which are priced in a different league, charge even faster. At 800 volts, the battery voltage in the Kia EV6 is twice as high as in most electric cars, which means double the power at the same current. Kia promises that it only takes eighteen minutes to fill the battery from 10 to 80 percent, under ideal conditions, of course.

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