Lost ID Card on Mount Tai: The Costly Conundrum and Amazing Journey

2023-07-20 07:27:31

A woman went to Mount Tai to watch the sunrise but lost her ID card. When she returned home, she found that reissuing was more expensive than mailing it. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Mountaineering is fun for some people, but it may be a burden for others. Recently, a woman from Shandong, China climbed Mount Tai with her friends. In the early morning, she found that she had lost her ID card. After asking someone to broadcast, she still couldn’t find it. She had to watch the sunrise and then set off on foot down the mountain. Unexpectedly, she received a phone call telling her to go to the police station on the top of the mountain to collect her lost ID card. Because the postage cost 30 RMB (about NT$130), the staff suggested that she go back to her hometown to re-do it, but it cost 40 RMB (about NT$173) to re-do it, which made her helpless.

According to a report by the land media “Western Decisions”, Ms. Su accidentally lost her ID card when she was climbing Mount Tai with her friends. She didn’t receive a phone call until she went down the mountain, saying that her ID card was picked up by someone and she is now in the mountain top police station. In this regard, some netizens joked “throw it down”, “it is also possible to exercise to lose weight, go up and get it”.

According to comprehensive online information, Mount Tai is the first of the Five Sacred Mountains in China. It is located in the central part of Shandong Province, within the territory of Tai’an City, with an altitude of 1532.7 meters. It is also a world cultural and natural heritage announced by UNESCO. According to netizens, it takes an adult about 5 to 7 hours to reach the summit, or take the cable car up and down the mountain directly.

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