Love at First Delay: A Serendipitous Encounter in Tenerife

2023-08-24 13:25:00

Destiny. Lisa and Jamie, 56, were traveling separately with friends in 2019 to Tenerife. To do this, they had both booked their holidays through TUI. Except that their flight was, at the time, delayed at Bournemouth airport, in England.

While on board, they were asked to disembark the plane due to a technical problem. It was while waiting for the problem to be resolved that the two groups of friends began to discuss. So that’s how Lisa and Jamie fell in love.

In fact, the looks fused between the two during the whole trip. In Tenerife, they met every evening. It was finally when they returned home that their relationship took shape.

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If she was furious about this delay, Lisa is now grateful to the airline. The reason ? The couple are getting married next month in Cyprus! “We are very grateful for the delay, for once in our life, because we probably wouldn’t have met without it,” she says.

Liz, spokesperson for TUI UK, commented on the sweet love story: “No one likes a flight delay, but this one was clearly meant to happen.”

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