Love at First Delay: A Serendipitous Encounter in Tenerife

2023-08-24 13:25:00 Destiny. Lisa and Jamie, 56, were traveling separately with friends in 2019 to Tenerife. To do this, they had both booked their holidays through TUI. Except that their flight was, at the time, delayed at Bournemouth airport, in England. While on board, they were asked to disembark the plane due to a technical … Read more

the TUI flight turns into a nightmare for Catherine and Tom, “we will never fly with TUI again”

Published on Sunday, July 10, 2022 at 7:10 p.m. The TUI flight turned into a nightmare for all the passengers, who not only landed hours late, but also at another airport. This return from Turkey, the passengers of the TUI flight will remember it all their lives. They will have taken 12 hours to return … Read more

Corona on vacation: what to do if you test positive when travelling

Dhe shock should be great when the rapid test shows a second line while on vacation or the official corona test clearly shows: positive. In view of the rapidly increasing number of cases caused by Omikron, infection with Sars-CoV-2 is possible at any time, even when travelling. What happens if you test positive while on … Read more

Off into the sun – seven tips for a bathing holiday in March

Wpoor sand on your skin, an exotic cocktail in your hand and the gentle rolling of the sea: Who doesn’t dream of a tropical break in the face of icy windshields, fog and pandemic restrictions at home? Numerous travel offers promise exactly that to those who have been fully vaccinated: warmth in winter. But be … Read more

TUI, Lufthansa or Airbus? These stocks celebrate the end of the pandemic

also read Just like in the days of the dot-com bubble ellu „Ble BeupeOle lpl en Bupe“. Ple pektleQeu pep enp evel Ielpeekeu: Blpleup lpl ple Ullnp-Znleule pu eupleeheup, pepp plek pluueu veulael Vuekeu aluQe Ielte pel Peuothelnua lutleleleu velpeu. Nvelleup pekelul pel Gleuhkellpueltent Oltpel en pelu etp pel peu uulkellaeu Uelleuleu: Blepe GuOpluelluu toppl … Read more