Corona on vacation: what to do if you test positive when travelling

Dhe shock should be great when the rapid test shows a second line while on vacation or the official corona test clearly shows: positive. In view of the rapidly increasing number of cases caused by Omikron, infection with Sars-CoV-2 is possible at any time, even when travelling. What happens if you test positive while on … Read more

Corona: Lauterbach believes that the corona measures can be relaxed “well before Easter”.

BHealth Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) believes that the corona measures will only be relaxed in a few weeks. Lauterbach said on Sunday at Picture TV: “I believe that we will relax well before Easter.” He was “firmly convinced” of that. The prerequisite, however, is that the omicron wave reaches its peak in mid-February, as expected. … Read more

Corona: Olympic tactics: no people see (

Beijing’s Olympic Village was officially opened on Thursday. Basically, however, it remains hermetically sealed so that the athletes don’t spread the virus among the people. Foto: imago images / Kyodo News How far are athletes willing to go for their dream of the Olympics? The Corona Winter Games in Beijing in times of the omicron … Read more

Entry to Germany: Tips for the return flight in Corona times

trip flight to Germany Tips for the return journey in Corona times Traveling abroad has become complicated. This also applies to the return journey to Germany. If important documents are missing, the airline will not take passengers with it. We give tips on how to prepare to avoid unexpected costs. Status: 5:16 a.m. | Reading … Read more