Lauterbach (SPD) vaccinated with AstraZeneca

07. April 2021 – 22:48 Clock Lauterbach received an AstraZeneca vaccine dose So now! The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach (58) helped at the Leverkusen … Read more

Many countries decline invitations to vaccinate people over the age of 60

Düsseldorf Baden-Wuerttemberg and Saxony-Anhalt want the opportunity to vaccinate people aged 60 and over Astra-Zeneca to enable, not yet implement. At the request of the … Read more

Luca app changes the type of corona tracing

Düsseldorf, Berlin There are many discussions about the federal corona warning app: It does not help efficiently with contact tracking, say critics. This is exactly … Read more

Sale of corona self-tests in retail starts

Manuela Schwesig The Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania criticizes the sale of corona rapid tests in retail. (Photo: dpa) Mülheim The large-scale sale of corona … Read more