Cannabis law: countries want to delay its entry into force 2024-03-02 14:01:30

MSeveral federal states want to prevent cannabis legalization from coming into effect on April 1st and postpone it by six months. The North Rhine-Westphalia State Justice Minister Benjamin Lambach (Greens) told the digital media company Table.Media that the time of five weeks between the adoption and entry into force of the law was “not nearly” … Read more

Studies give cause for concern: Lauterbach warns of incurable immune deficiency caused by Corona

Studies give cause for concern Lauterbach warns of incurable immune deficiency caused by Corona 01/21/2023 06:42 am Anyone who gets infected with corona more often runs the risk of developing an incurable immune deficiency. According to Health Minister Lauterbach, this is indicated by various studies that are currently being further researched. As a result, the … Read more

Intensive care physicians give the all-clear for Corona: “Seriously ill patients are a rarity”

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Ancient pathogens reanimated: “zombie viruses” in the permafrost are still contagious

Ancient pathogens reanimated “Zombie viruses” in the permafrost are still contagious 11/28/2022 12:49 p.m Plants, worms, even whole prehistoric rhinos or mammoths: huge amounts of biomass are bound in the permafrost of the Arctic – including viruses. Now, when the ice thaws, they are released and can infect even after tens of thousands of years. … Read more

These Corona rules and bans apply from October 1st

The Federal Council has decided on new corona protection requirements for autumn and winter. The decision on Friday introduced nationwide mask requirements in clinics, nursing homes and medical practices. The federal states can impose further requirements such as mask requirements in shops. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (59, SPD) had previously failed with special treatment … Read more

Lauterbach is relieved: Deadly pneumonia: Argentina discovered the cause

Lauterbach is relieved Deadly pneumonia: Argentina discovers cause 09/04/2022, 00:35 For days, Argentina’s health authorities have been puzzling over the cause of severe pneumonia, which often occurs in a private clinic. Four people die from it. Now there is certainty: there is no threat of a new pandemic, but bacteria are to blame for the … Read more

Vaccination patch against Corona: more effective than previous vaccinations?

They are said to be more effective against new corona variants than conventional vaccinations: vaccination patches. Australian researchers have now found that. The corona pandemic is still a major issue worldwide. Scientists continue to look for methods to contain the pandemic. For example, recently antibodies detected, which should work against all corona variants. It is … Read more

Measures for Corona autumn: Buschmann plans with “form of mask requirement”

Measures for Corona autumn Buschmann plans with “form of mask requirement” 07/16/2022, 5:35 am A stronger increase in corona numbers is expected in the cold season. The federal government is therefore preparing a new package of measures. Citizens should not throw away their protective masks just yet. Minister of Justice Buschmann rules out blanket school … Read more