Studies give cause for concern: Lauterbach warns of incurable immune deficiency caused by Corona

Studies give cause for concern
Lauterbach warns of incurable immune deficiency caused by Corona

Anyone who gets infected with corona more often runs the risk of developing an incurable immune deficiency. According to Health Minister Lauterbach, this is indicated by various studies that are currently being further researched. As a result, the risk of chronic diseases such as dementia would increase.

According to Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, several corona infections in one person can have serious consequences for the immune system. “It is worrying what we observe in people who have had several corona infections. Studies now show very clearly that those affected are often dealing with an immune deficiency that can no longer be cured,” said Lauterbach of the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. .

“This can be a risk factor for the development of chronic diseases, from cardiovascular problems to dementia,” emphasized the minister. “As I said, that’s not certain yet, it’s being intensively researched. I’m following the studies and discussing them with experts. This shows that if someone has a severely aged immune system after two infections, it’s advisable that they avoid further Covid infections,” said Lauterbach.

Speaking to the newspaper, the minister also announced a major initiative for people with Long Covid. “For example, a hotline will be set up in my ministry in a timely manner. It is intended to serve as a contact point for people who are looking for information about Long Covid,” said the SPD politician. He also wants to fund so-called healthcare research with 100 million euros in the future in order to improve the situation of those suffering from Long Covid. The aim is to find out what the optimal care concept is for those affected.

Lauterbach appeals to carnival organizers

“We assume that a relevant proportion of those who fall ill after a corona infection are struggling with long-Covid symptoms. Estimates assume five to ten percent. For the individual, this often means a hard blow of fate and can even become relevant for the labor market if the number of sick people continues to rise,” explained the minister.

In view of the upcoming carnival celebrations, Lauterbach asked the organizers to offer corona tests for indoor meetings. “At the Oktoberfest in Munich we saw how not to do it,” he told the newspaper. “I therefore appeal to the organizers of carnival sessions to offer tests so that all people go to the event tested.” This can be “easily accomplished using mobile test units,” said the minister. “It’s affordable for the organizers and creates significantly more security.”

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