Love to Heal: Raising Awareness and Funds for Cancer Patients in Cúcuta

2023-08-21 12:18:43

To raise awareness and funds for this noble cause, Juan Manuel and Carolina organized the ‘Love to heal’ event. The conference-discussion, which took place on Thursday, included the participation of the doctor Santiago Rojas, an expert in palliative care, and Jaime Jaramillo, a world-renowned spiritual leader and social manager.

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“Cancer is a disease that confronts us with death and all your fears. It leads us to a feeling of vulnerability, loss of image and many functions. All of this is recovered with medication, but there must also be support. Generating an institution that not only has the academic and scientific part, but also has its human and spiritual side could be a complete possibility to care for a cancer patient”, assured Rojas.

Like someone who also went through this difficult battle, Aura Bastos, director of the foundation for children and adolescents with cancer, Pequeños Guerreros, recognizes that emotional well-being greatly influences cancer treatment.

“Many things go through our minds and it is a roller coaster of emotions, not only for the person who is fighting cancer, but also for their family. This first Emotional Wellness Center will generate a positive change, because just as we worrying about our physical health, it is important to pay attention to our emotional health”, assured Aura Bastos.

The ‘Everything is fine’ Foundation and the League Against Cancer They have lit a beacon of hope in Cúcuta, showing that love and compassion can transcend difficulties and make a lasting difference in the lives of those facing medical and emotional challenges.

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