LTW Salzburg – Kogler/Stoytchev thank voters and Martina Berthold

2023-04-23 20:20:45

Discussions will show whether climate protection or Kickl will be in the state government

Vienna (OTS) Werner Kogler, federal spokesman for the Greens, and Angela Stoytchev, federal manager, thank Martina Berthold and her team for their efforts over the past few weeks. Achieving club status is important for advancing climate protection and social justice in the Salzburg state parliament.

Federal spokesman Werner Kogler: “In times of multiple crises, it is not easy for parties in government responsibility to win. In any case, the Greens stood up to strengthen climate protection and were elected for this today. Governor Wilfried Haslauer can either declare climate protection, social security and work for future generations as priorities in the next government or open the door to the aggressive and yesterday’s Kickl-FPÖ. I am sure that the former is the better option for the people of Salzburg. The Salzburg Greens are ready to talk about it – in the end it will show whether climate protection or Kickl is in the state government. In the next few years, it will be about nothing less than improving the lives of Salzburg residents and creating prospects for a happy life for future generations. It’s about the economic turnaround, the energy turnaround and strong social security. We have a responsibility to walk this path, to do everything in our power for the planet and to create a happy future.”

“In an election in which there were more parties to choose from than ever before, the Greens in Salzburg fell short of expectations, but were able to secure their three mandates in the state parliament. I would like to thank Martina Berthold, her team and the many activists for their important commitment. The talks over the next few days and weeks will show whether Governor Wilfried Haslauer will strengthen the urgent future issues of climate protection and social justice in the state government or pave the way for a backward-looking Kickl coalition,” said Angela Stoytchev.

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