Magaly Medina on Giuliana Rengifo’s threat: “It takes more than a simple wish to send a person to prison” VIDEO entertainment | SHOWS

The Magpie is not left! After what Magaly Medina found out that Giuliana Rengifo expressed in an interview, conducted by Trome, that he would send her to jail; the journalist replied and indicated that she will not be able to fulfill her promise.

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“There are people who very freely threaten jail. It takes more than a simple wish to send a person to prison (…) Just once the system condemns you, and that through carelessness”.

Medina also made it clear that all those protected by their cameras always deny what they do and indicated that the only ones to recognize their mistakes were Aldo Miyashiro and Álvaro dekl Portal.

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Almost none of my patrons, except Miyashiro and Del Portal, who did not say a peep, accepted what the images said. But the majority, 95% of my supporters deny in all ways and forms what is seen in the images”said the journalist.

Magaly dedicated her program to Giuliana Rengifo

Giuliana Rengifo responds to Magaly: “You’re on fire, you can’t get over the fact that I was with your notary”

The cumbiambera appeared on the “Amor y Fuego” program, where she brought evidence to make it clear that Paul Pineda, the notary from Pucall with whom he is linked, is totally separated from his wife.

“I’m tired of Magaly continuing to insist and persecute, I don’t know what she has with me. She’s chasing me, I know it. She does not care about her assets, that her husband is also a notary, as long as she sells curiosity, it is incredible what she is doing, staining my honor and that is unforgivable“, said.


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