Formula 1 live ticker: accusation of double standards for the 2023 racing calendar

09:01 a.m

Which races have contracts for how long?

Now the new one is up Race calendar for Formula 1 2023 so fixed. But how will things continue in the medium term? Which circuits have a contract with Formula 1 and for how long?

Our answers to these questions Overview of the Formula 1 calendar 2023, in which we constantly enter new information – such as the current term of the contract extension with Monaco. So feel free to take a look and see whether your own favorite track will be there in the long term or not!

8:37 a.m

Are 24 races really a record?

Formula 1 presented a record calendar (once again) on Tuesday. We already know that from the recent past: there were more and more races. So in 2023 there should be 24.

But: Strictly speaking, this is not a record, because there have been significantly more Formula 1 races in one year. Most 1954: proud 33!

There is only one catch: only nine of these 33 races from the 1954 season counted towards the automobile world championship, the remaining races had no world championship status. In other words: there were 33 Formula 1 races this year, but not all of them were relevant to the overall standings.

That will be different in 2023. Then all 24 races count towards the championship. And that is indeed a record for Formula 1.

And for those who want to know exactly: 24 races were also in the annual schedule of the Formula 1 teams in 1963 (without all of them having taken part in all races), with ten World Championship races and a further 14 Formula 1 races without a World Championship Status.

8:29 a.m

Wednesday in the Formula 1 ticker!

Hello and welcome to the Formula 1 live ticker this Wednesday! Stefan Ehlen is there for you, and we have a lot to talk about: for example the new racing calendar in Formula 1 for 2023 with then 24 races. Here you can have a few Read more about it!

And as always: If you have any questions, suggestions or other comments, please contact me directly, either via Twitter (preferably with the hashtag #FragMST) or use the contact form on our website.

Also dann, start your engines!

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