Major Traffic Accident Blocks R5 Exit on Bavay Road in Frameries: Updates and Details

2023-10-20 15:15:18

An accident occurred around 3 p.m. this Friday in Frameries. The events took place at the R5 exit on the Bavay road. A semi-trailer coming down from the R5 ran the stop sign and ended up in the ditch opposite. The truck, very long, completely blocked the road.

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“We are waiting for a convenience store from Charleroi,” explained Bertrand Caroy, head of the road safety service of the Boraine police. “The truck is completely sideways and all access is blocked. Given the time and location, there are long lines on both sides. It is a street with heavy traffic and a motorway exit. There is major carnage in terms of traffic. » The road therefore had to remain closed for a certain time.

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